Opera Running Through Us


Program Postponed December 7, 2015 / New Date TBA

Opera Running Through Us

December 7, 2015, 6:30 pm

Join Hal France and his very talented young guests from the UNL and UNO opera programs who will perform while Hal France shares some common and some uncommon knowledge about the ways opera surrounds our culture.

Baritone, Jesse Wohlman and Mezzo Soprano, Patty Cramer from the UNL Opera Theater and singers from the UNO OpShop will offer popular opera arias.

Opera is music and the human voice serving stories theatrically in the most sophisticated and complete way possible. It gushes from the creativity of some of the most brilliant minds in history and pours through the extraordinary voices, bodies, minds and spirits of the most gifted singers. It emanates from imaginations directors and designers who explore our changing world. Opera flows like a river carrying humanity.

Opera's stories spring from human experience! Operatic form carry these stories through a fascinating and complex maze of psychology, characters, relationships, popular culture and diverse communities.

There are still many cultures and people on earth that have not received operatic treatment. Will we get to learn more about our magnificent diverse planet through opera?

I expect we will. In the meantime, join us for a fun and enlightening evening of opera.

Opera Running Through Us

Admission $35 

Students $5

Series of Four $120

When: Monday, December 7, 2015 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Where: The Omaha Conservatory of Music, 3504 S. 108th Street, Omaha, NE

For more information contact hal@halfrance.com





The World Erupts and Music Reacts 1911 – 1920


The World Erupts and Music Reacts 1911 – 1920

November 2, 2015

Join Hal France and his very special guest Soprano, Karina Brazas on Monday evening, November 2 at 6:30 pm as they preview their upcoming Vesper Concerts performance on As Their Shadows Passed: Music From the Time of WW1/ November 8/ 3:00 pm.  The two hour program explores an explosive decade in musical history, 1911 – 1920.

During the first hour of the evening we will examine the links between the seismic shifts in world order that exploded in World War One and extraordinary developments in music. We will listen to musical examples of the modern including Stravinsky, Schoenberg and Bartok and the romantic with Mahler, Rachmaninoff and more as they meet.

Karina and Hal will delve into songs that connect to the experiences of war, hope and change by an international group of composers and poets. As the reality of war effected so many, the art of song offered a unique glimpse into human life struggling to regain equilibrium, balance and sanity.

Ms. Brazas recital will bring together a wide range of styles from art songs like In Flanders Fields by American Arthur Foote and Soupir by Frenchmen Maurice Ravel to music hall favorites like If I Were The Only Girl In The World and Over There. Songs by the Austrian Josef Marx, Englishmen Ivor Gurney, Frenchman Claude Debussy, Russian Sergei Rachmaninoff touch the heart strings and give a sense of a changing and unstable world.

The World Erupts and Music Reacts 1911 – 1920 is the first program of a series of four offered by Hal France and Friends in partnership with the Omaha Conservatory of Music.

Admission for the single program is $35.

The Series 4 the Love of Music is $120.

When: November 2, 2015 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Where: Omaha Conservatory of Music, 3205 S. 108th Street in Omaha, Nebraska.

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4 the Love of Music

Hal France and Friends and the Omaha Conservatory of Music present


Join host Hal France and his special guests for evenings of live performance, interviews, discussion and informative presentation



Most agree that music is among our world’s greatest gifts. Its kaleidoscope of tone, color and expression heal, identify, lift and unite us. Music lives as we experience it and shapes our memories. It evokes vistas of the mind and songs of the heart.

Host Hal France explores music and those who masterfully wield its power in a series of 4 programs. Offered in partnership with the Omaha Conservatory of Music these programs are created for music lovers of all ages and experience levels. Each program presents a theme delving into the creativity through listening and viewing of outstanding performances. Each program welcomes a special guest sharing insight and performing live.

The series begins in 2015 at the Omaha Conservatory of Music located at 3504 S. 108th Street, Omaha. In 2016 the series moves to OCM’s new home at 7023 Cass Street, Omaha.

Subscription Information

Series Subscription: $120

Individual Programs: $35/ No registration required

Student Admission: $5 per program/ No registration required

Register for Series

For more information call Hal France at 402 490 2005 or e mail hal@halfrance.com

The Programs

November 2, 2015 / The World Erupts & Music Reacts 1911 – 1920

with Soprano, Karina Brazas     Learn More

December 7, 2015 / Opera Running Through Us

with Outstanding Young Singers from the UNL and UNO Opera Programs

UNL/Jesse Wohlman, baritone/Patty Cramer, mezzo soprano

UNO/ Performers TBA  Learn More

March 14, 2016 / Classical Music Goes To The Movies

Special Guest TBA

April 11, 2016/ Variations and Virtuosity 

with violinist, Susanna Perry Gilmore, Concertmaster, Omaha Symphony

4 Love of Music Series 2015